My LOVE to U

Dear My Angel,

In Time Where We’ve Met
There’s nothing I would Say..
Except the feeling of Bond between Us..
and Unconditional LOve..

All were melted together into one single Passion..
Where I can Shout Out Loud..that…

It’s been a hard and long Journey for you,
I Know…
You may have shed your tears…
You may have sacrificed your soul..and
You may have stumble on your feet..

But, My Dear….
All of those struggle and tribute you share to the World..
Shall be redeem…
Because in my heart knows, you’re the One and the only One
That can bring peace into my world
with your abundance of love…

True Love…and You’re The Love itself…
That’s what Makes you beautiful
That’s what makes you an Angel..
My Angel…
Saviour of My lost Soul…
Mother of My Children…
Source of My Life…

So My Angel…don’t worry of what Lies ahead..
What we have is more than enough…
“Our” Love To You is Thousand More than anything..

You’ll never be alone..
You’ll never be left behind..
We’re always walk together with you..
Into the Light of Happiness..

I Love every breath that I take…

With Love,
Your Guardian Angel..

Laroenai, 30 July 2012.
Originally Made By : TmDapra –


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